The way we work is as diverse as the regions we are active in and the partners we cooperate with. Our activities are based on many years’ experience and we are always trying to improve them. In our meetings and events we champion a participant-oriented working methodology.

To promote our aims we use three types of instruments:

Political Education
By means of political education we want to enable more and more people to become actively involved in political and social processes. We mainly address multipliers, that is, people who would later spread in their own societies the knowledge they have gained. The topics in our events range from discussing the way democracy, the rule of law and a market economy work, to tackling specific issues faced by people on the ground.

Political Dialogue
In the area of political dialogue, politicians and civil society representatives from different countries exchange views and experiences. They learn from each other and come up with liberal solutions to their, often similar, countries‘ problems.

Political Consultation
By way of political consultation we transfer knowledge, experiences and skills to liberal-minded political decision-makers who are crucial for strengthening political parties and for putting into practice liberal political approaches. These activities deal both with the contents of different political areas and with the techniques required for success in political competition.