The Movements of Rights and Freedoms (“MRF”) is established in the beginning of 1990 initially to protect the rights of minorities, especially the Turkish ethnic minority. Since the first democratic elections in 1990, MRF is represented in the Parliament and during all legislative periods participated in the decision making process in different forms. The party has four MEP-s after the European Parliament elections in 2014. MRF is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (“ALDE Party”, and Liberal International (“LI”,

The Youth Organization of Movement for Rights and Freedoms (“YMRF”) was established in 1998. It has over 24 000 members and therefore, it is the biggest political organization in Bulgaria. Its parent party, MRF, mainly represents Bulgaria’s Turkish minority, but in recent years it has also attracted members from other population segments and minority groups. After the European elections in 2014, the President of YMRF, Mr Ilhan Kyutchuk, was elected a Member of the European Parliament in the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (“ALDE Group”, The Youth YMFR wing is a member of the following organizations: the Liberal Youth – LYMEC (, the International Federation of Liberal Youth – IFLRY (, and the Balkan Liberal Network – ISEEL (


The Institute of Market Economics (IME) is the first and oldest independent economic policy think tank in Bulgaria. Since its founding in 1993, it has contributed to liberal thinking and values with its valuable market economy and freedom research. The IME’s mission is to explain and advocate for market-based solutions to the challenges which Bulgarian citizens and the whole region face during the process of reform and transition.

The Institute is a member of 4Liberty (



The Liberal Institute for Political Analysis (“LIPA”) is a think tank, closely aligned with the liberal political party the National Movement for Stability and Progress (“NDSV”). Its main objective is to provide civic education and liberal political solutions as well as to prepare political analyses from a liberal point of view.

LIPA is a member of the European Liberal Forum (“ELF”,


The Liberal Democratic Party (“LDP”) was launched in April 1997 as a merger between the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party in Macedonia. It is in opposition against the nationalist conservative party VMRO-DPMNE. In 2013 the party leader at that time Andrej Žernovski, won the local elections and became mayor of municipality Skopje-Center.

LDP is a member of Liberal International (“LI”,

The Liberal Alternative Institute (“LAI”) is a think tank established in response to society’s grassroots needs for a multiculturalist voice. Founded in 2012 in Tetovo by young professionals, it provides an innovative approach to already highly discussed topics such as democracy, good governance and social activism.

LAI is a member of the Atlas network (


The Institute for Liberal Studies (“ISL”) was established by a group of high-ranking Romanian liberal leaders in order to ensure the promotion of liberal values among Romanian citizens. The Institute soon became a specialized apparatus for the administrative and ideological education of Romanian citizens, as well as a research centre for Romanian liberalism. ISL is a founding member of the European Liberal Forum and works closely with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.


The Liberal Party (“LP”) is a successor to the Reform Party (PR), which was registered on 28 September 1993. The constitution conference of PR was held on 5 September 1993, when it adopted the Statute and PR programme. The President of the Liberal Party is Mihai Ghimpu. PR was initially created as a centre-right political party that proposed the development, promotion and implementation of Moldova’s reform strategy, with its subsequent integration into the family of civilized countries.

PL is a liberal political party that fights for human rights and fundamental freedoms, to strengthen democracy, the rule of law and the market economy. In its work, PL contributes to the affirmation of the new liberal political class, working with other political parties, including the international ALDE Party and civil society to support and promote liberal and national values and ​​ for the integration of the Republic of Moldova in the European Union and NATO..


The Liberal Youth of Moldova (“LYM”) is the political organization of youth members and supporters of the Liberal Party, under Article 24 of the Party.
The goals of the organization are to promote liberal values, the Liberal Party programme and to organize activities by and for youth. In its work, it seeks to promote youth in LYM and LP structures based on the free competition of skills and the training of a new generation of politicians.


OFL was established by and operates under a special statute. It consists of party members wishing to work in this organization.
OFL’s aim is to promote liberal values, the programme, activities and concerns of PL among women from Moldova, to attract and support women in PL on the basis of competence and open competition.
OFL’s mission is to encourage and promote liberal women in all fields, through respecting and implementing the principle of equal opportunities in political, economic, social and cultural life.

The Liberal Studies Institute (“ISL”) functions as a centre of studies for promoting liberal values in society and supports education and training in the spirit of liberal values, with the priority on increasing political and administrative skills. ISL’s goal is to become a veritable institution of political and liberal education that will carry out research, studies, trainings, seminars, conferences, etc.