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Liberal meeting in Skopje: Some light at the tunnel of the Macedonian crisis

In May 2015, protests occurred in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, against the incumbent Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the government led by him. The massive protests began following charges brought up against Zoran Zaev, the opposition leader, who responded by alleging that Gruevski had wiretapped 20,000 Macedonian officials including journalists, judges, prosecutors, mayors and even government ministers and other figures. In the light of this political crisis in Macedonia, the EU

Macedonian Liberals elected new President

Against the backdrop of tough times for the opposition in Macedonia, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) held a regular congress to elect a new party President on 1st February 2015. This event brought together party members and guests who anticipated to be the first to hear the programme of the new party leadership. Regardful of the LDP’s new course, representatives of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Southeast Europe visited