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FMRS 2017: The World After Brexit and Trump

This year’s Free Market Road Show across Europe and the Caucasus was convened in the aftermath of Trump’s election as President of the US and Brexit – both events menacing the liberal basis of modern free economies. To initiate an open, wide-ranging debate on the negatives of protectionism and divided Europe, the Austrian Economic Centre and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Southeast Europe organised the traditional FMRS 2017 in Bulgaria on

Migration Forum in Southeast Europe Seeks European Solutions

The voice of Southeast Europe has to be heard when formulating the European approach towards the current unprecedented migration flow because this region has much to offer. Geographically located on a crossroads, and through history marked by intense population movements, the culturally and religiously diverse Southeast is now set to provide common European policy options to help both national and European stakeholders in light of the greatest migration challenge in