,,Liberalism is not an ideology, it is a way of living’’ – these inspiring words were shared by our close friend and training expert Stefan Melnik at the beginning of the Train of the Trainers (ToT) event from 30th June to 5th July in Bucharest. Organized by the FNF and the Romanian Institute for Liberal Studies (ISL), the workshop was attended by 20 representatives of our political partners from four different countries: Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.

One of the most important tasks of our Foundation is spreading the liberal message, as well as the liberal thought and values. Another important task is encouraging and supporting liberal enthusiasts to apply these values in order to find liberal solutions. Train of the Trainers, or “Liberalism 101” as participants nicknamed it, was the embodiment of both these tasks. During the six-day event participants learned about the basics of liberalism as a political ideology and as a life-style. This was combined with practical and theoretical advice on how to convey the basics of liberalism effectively and how to facilitate the process of finding and implementing new liberal solutions.

Train for TrainersToT kick-started with an interactive event, in which participants presented themselves, along with sharing their views on liberalism. During the following sessions participants learned how to evaluate demand and select the topics for a training in liberalism, as well as learned several skills on how to be a good trainer. During the last two days, the main highlight of the event took place, during which all participants had the chance to test their abilities as a potential facilitator, by creating their own event and later trying a test run with the audience.

Train for Trainers Working Group


From now on, the participants will be the new “Messengers of Liberalism” to widen the knowledge about liberalism in their home countries and parties.

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