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#JustLikeYou International Video Contest

  It is all about freedom! Freedom to live in a society, which is built up of individuals, each of them unique in their personalities. Within all this diversity, we are united by commonly shared values and dreams. We are all eager to have access to proper education, to find jobs easily, to have friends, and families, and to raise children. To love and to be loved. To feel as

Free Market Roadshow 2015, a journey across Europe and the Caucasus, spreading the liberal message of Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship Drive and Freedom

  “How to create growth?” was the overarching topic of this year`s edition of Free Market Road Show (“FMRS”) in more than 35 countries in Europe and the Caucasus. The Austrian Economics Center and over 60 leading think-tanks and universities across this wide region have joined forces to spread the liberal message of free market and economic growth. For the first time, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Southeast Europe

Ten years of EU challenges. Lessons learned for the Liberals in Southeast Europe

  “Let us learn the lessons from the past and move the EU forward.” This was the general conclusion drawn from the public discussion between the two former Prime Ministers: H.M. King Simeon II of Bulgaria and Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu of Romania. Inspired by the European idea, which is primarily liberal in nature, they signed their countries’ Association Agreements to the EU exactly ten years ago. The commemorative meeting was the

Study-trip of Moldavian Parliamentary Assistants to Bucharest

  The partner party of the Friedrich Naumman Foundation for Freedom – the Liberal Party of Moldova (“PL”), gained 10% of the vote in the last parliamentary elections in Moldova. After the vote redistribution, the PL received thirteen of the hundred and one mandates. The formed liberal parliamentary fraction includes sixteen parliamentary assistants. Introduced only in 2012, the position of parliamentary assistant is quite new in Moldova. Therefore, the FNF,

The “Liberal Caravan” – A 15-Year-Old Success Story

After visiting last year the Romanian cities of Cluj, Ploiesti, Tg. Neamt, Rm. Valcea, and this year’s stops in Brasov, Alba Iulia and the Moldavian capital-Chisinau, the last stay of the FNF Liberal Caravan was on 20th March in the Western part of Romania, in the student city of Timisoara. Over 100 youngsters, members of youth organizations of the liberal parties and other liberal-minded individuals from Romania and the Republic

Celebrating International Women’s Day with 100 Entrepreneurs from Moldova

On 7 March, about 100 female entrepreneurs attended a workshop “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Community, Inspiration and Visibility”, organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (“FNF”) in cooperation with GEN Moldova. Following last year´s World Day of Entrepreneurship, it is the second collaboration between FNF and women entrepreneurs in Moldova. In November last year, FNF SEE supported women entrepreneurs in Moldova by organising a one-day workshop during the World Day

Challenger School of Policy

  “Challenger” is a youth Programme, initiated by the National Democratic Institute (“NDI”), which main goals are to foster the critical thinking and research skills of young people, thus enabling them to draft policy proposals for parties in the Republic of Moldova.   The 12-month pro­gramme has the following three stages: practical exercise, debate school, policy school. First, the practical exercise module included a hundred par­ticipants who, in teams, identified

A lesson on morality in politics is still to be learned

  “We need more moral in politics,” proclaimed the Bulgarian politician, writer and public figure Todor Vlaykov nearly a century ago. Today, the echo of his words still vibrates on the streets of Sofia, as recently demonstrated by crowds of protestors demanding more justice, transparency and accountability in politics. In this regard, the Project Office for Southeast Europe of FNF, decided to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of

Macedonian Liberals elected new President

Against the backdrop of tough times for the opposition in Macedonia, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) held a regular congress to elect a new party President on 1st February 2015. This event brought together party members and guests who anticipated to be the first to hear the programme of the new party leadership. Regardful of the LDP’s new course, representatives of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Southeast Europe visited

Against all odds – Liberals are on the rise in Europe

The first coordinated meeting of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party Individual Members and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom drew the attention in the challenges liberals face today.  The event was honoured by the presence of Sir Graham Watson, President of the ALDE Party, who met with Bulgaria’s most distinguished liberals. Introducing the topic for discussion, Daniel Kaddik, FNF Project Director for Southeast Europe, argued against