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Dr Rainer Adam Will Hold 2 Positions in FNF

As a Regional Director for Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) for East and Southeast Europe, Dr Rainer Adam is in charge of around 22 countries. His portfolio includes 6 FNF Project Offices – Western Balkans, Southeast Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Turkey and South Caucasus. The Foundation for Freedom has respectively offices in 6 locations in the region- Belgrade, Sofia, Moscow, Kyiv, Istanbul and Tbilisi. In addition, Dr Adam will temporarily

Join our Freedom Team in Moldova! Apply for a Project Coordinator!

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is the German foundation for liberal politics and advocates for democracy, market economy, rule of law and human rights in more than 60 countries. The Foundation’s office for Southeast Europe is currently looking for a Project Coordinator, based in in Chisinau, Moldova. The Project Coordinator will be part of the part of the team under the Project Director, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Join our

More Women Should Unleash Their Creativity in Business

Three years ago, Marina Borta started her own business. It is a shop that produces and sells handmade jewellery made from crystals and bohemian glass. She admits that it is definitely not easy to open a business in Moldova and especially to keep it running, however, it is not impossible. “The idea came from the desire to be independent – to have your own business and build it yourself” says

Boosting the Romanian Economy by Fostering SME’s – How to Build and Sustain the Road of Entrepreneurship in Romania

How to boost the Romanian economy by fostering SME`s was the topic of the event held on 22th of September at Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest. It was a difficult debate because on the one hand the representatives of the entrepreneurs demanded a solution for “easy credits” offered by banks for start-ups and small firms, while on the other hand the Vice Governor of the Romanian National Bank, said that

Publication “25 Years Promoting Freedom in Bulgaria”

  In celebration of its 25 years anniversary, Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom organizes an international conference “25 Years Promoting Freedom in Bulgaria” together with a special photo exhibition and publication. The publication presents in retrospect the 25-year long history of the Foundation and its contribution to freedom in Bulgaria. Daniel Kaddik, Project Director of FNF Southeast Europe, addresses the readers as follows: “Since the very moment Bulgaria rejected the

The Conflict in Ukraine: Russian Gas as a Foreign Policy Instrument

In the context of the Ukraine conflicts, the Russian gas is getting increasingly a foreign policy instrument. How can you increase the energy security for the EU? How do you deal with a difficult energy partner such as Russia? These issues were discussed at the conference in Berlin of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the German Council of Foreign Relations (DGAP) on “The European Dance on the Russian Gas Flame”.

Liberalism is not an ideology, it is a way of living!

  ,,Liberalism is not an ideology, it is a way of living’’ – these inspiring words were shared by our close friend and training expert Stefan Melnik at the beginning of the Train of the Trainers (ToT) event from 30th June to 5th July in Bucharest. Organized by the FNF and the Romanian Institute for Liberal Studies (ISL), the workshop was attended by 20 representatives of our political partners from